Imagine If London was Occupied by Israel –

Occupation 101 –

Jon Snow Channel 4 –

UK MPS 2014 –

Breaking the set –

Ben white –

Nelson Mandela –

Ken O’Keefe –

Breaking the Silence Israeli Soldiers Speak Out   –

Christian kids being stoned by Israeli Settlers  –

The Promise – Peter Kosminksy promnise

Bottle in the gaza sea

5 Broken cameras

The lemon tree



The ethnic cleansing of Palestine – Ilan Pappe

Gaza: Stay Human  Vittorio Arrigoni

My name is Rachel corrie – Rachel Corrie

Let me stand alone – Rachel corrie

Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on Israel’s War Against the Palestinians – ILan Pappe

Naomi Klein – Shock Doctrine

Ghada Karmi -In search of Fatima

Palestinian walks – Raja Shehadeh

Boycott Divestment sanctions – Omar Barghouti

Hopes and Prospects – Noam Chomsky



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